Thursday, April 10, 2008

A couple new bracelets

This bright cuff-style bracelet is from a pattern I made of an African Daisy. The etsy BeadWeavers have a monthly challenge, and this month's theme is Flowers and Flame. I thought this flower very much resembled flame. I used a pattern for a Russian leaf for the clasps. When I saw a picture of them a while back, it struck me how like a buttonhole they were, and thought they'd make a great clasp. This cuff was done in gourd stitch (what most people call peyote) with Delica seed beads. It's available to purchase in my etsy shop. Click on the picture to bring you there.

Closed, with the Russian leaf and Swarovski crystal clasp.
Lying flat it really looks like a sunrise, but you can see that it is a daisy.
This narrow gourd-stitched band has a magnetic clasp that I am putting to the test. I have never used them before, and want to know how well (or not) they will work with this bracelet. This one is done in a turquoise-color Delica, with coral-color Delica diamonds running down its length. I made one of the diamonds into a cross to show my faith in Jesus. I will be offering more of these bands in various colors and designs in my etsy shop soon. I have one that is gold-colored, with a black stripe running down its length. Go here, for that listing.

Petting The Princess.


G Leigh said...

found your blog looking for other bead weavers! Love the gerber daisy, especially the russian leaves for closures. NICE! I love the magnet clasps -- so many people have trouble with the other types. The only thing is you have to watch out for them "jumping" onto things that are metal - especially the fridge and the shopping cart. Otherwise, they are great.

On A Thousand Hills said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I'm liking the magnetic clasp so far. Thanks for the heads-up on them "jumping" onto things. :)